Vehicle Operation and Safety

Last updated February, 26th 2024


Q. Is Driver's vehicles allowed on the road?

A. Yes, Driver's vehicles are street-legal. They are registered with the DMV, insured, and safe for the road. However, users must still comply with the state of California's driving laws, low-speed vehicle laws, and permits and parking regulations.

Q. Are Driver's vehicles safe for the road?

A. Yes, Driver's vehicles are explicitly made for the streets. Be clear, our LSVs are not converted golf carts. Must only drive low-speed vehicles on roads indicated 35 MPH, enforced by police. Violation may result in forfeiture of the car, and you will not be permitted to rent from Driver.

Q. Are Driver's vehicles electric or gas?

A. Driver's vehicles are 100% electric.

Q. How do I charge a vehicle?

A. Driver's vehicles have an on-board charger. You simply have to plug it into a regular 110 outlet, the same outlet as you would use to charge your phone. With your rental, we include 1 extension cable (yellow, only necessary to use if vehicle is far from an outlet), we also include one charging cable (orange)

Q. Can I plug into a TESLA charging station?

A. No, these charging stations are not compatible with our vehicles. These charging stations will destroy our vehicles and the renter wil lbe held accountable for the cost.

Q. What are best practices when using Driver's vehicles?

A. Do not hang any body part outside the vehicle. Take turns slowly. Wait until the car is completely stopped before exiting the car. Don’t allow passengers to drive vehicle. Do not operate vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Do not allow more passengers than the amount of seats and provided seatbelts. Be cautious of other vehicles on the road. DON’T drive on roads marked above 35MPH. 

On our Marina vehicle-Don't grab the door handle for stability– the button on the handle releases the door latch.

Q. Do I need my insurance to rent a vehicle?

A. Yes, every renter must carry verifiable vehicle insurance.

Q. Do I need to be 21+ to rent a vehicle from Driver?

A. Yes, you must be 21+ to rent our vehicles.

Q. If I'm 21+, can I rent a vehicle for a friend or a family member?

A. No. Only the verified renter will be permitted to drive the vehicle. When receiving delivery of a car, the keys will only be given to the verified renter with appropriate identification (Driver's license), with no exception. Driver will cancel the scheduled rental time if the renter is unavailable. The renter will be charged a cancellation fee of $175.

Q. Can I use an expired Driver's license to verify my identity?

A. No, a valid Driver's License and up-to-date, verifiable vehicle insurance is required.

Q. Do Driver's vehicles have the same functions as regular vehicles?

A. Yes. Driver's vehicles function just like a regular vehicle; they come equipped with turn signals, side mirrors, headlights, brake lights, horn, windshield wipers, seatbelts, an accelerator and brake, parking brake, Bluetooth speakers, and a rearview camera with parking assistance. Some vehicles’ horn is located on the turn signal. Please be familiar with all car functionality before driving the vehicle.

Q. How will I know when my vehicle is running low on power

A. The power meter will indicate you have 15-20% battery power left; at this time, you should head to your final destination.

Q. What do I do if I run out of battery power; will I be stranded?

A. Pull over and find a safe permissible parking spot. Immediately contact us. Reach us at 1-562-204-6051 (send text message or voice call) 

Q. How do you operate a low-speed vehicle?

A. Driver's vehicles are easy to operate; they are no different than driving your vehicle. Adjust the mirrors in the correct position according to your needs. Be cautious; electric vehicles accelerate fast. 

For the Marina vehicle - Before turning on the power to the car, ensure the hand parking brake is set. Next, with your foot pressed down on the foot brake, turn the key to the "on" position (It will be silent because it is an electric vehicle). You will know it is powered on because of the light indicators on the dash. After, select "F" for forward or "R" for reverse. When you are ready to merge into traffic, release the hand brake and then remove your foot from the foot brake. Next,  press on the accelerator (If the hand parking brake is not released entirely, the vehicle will not go).

Q. Do I need to use a seatbelt?

A. Yes. All occupants must abide by California Driving laws and low-speed vehicle regulations.

Q. Where are the drive, neutral, and reverse shifter?

A. LSVs don’t have a shifter They come equipped with a switch or button. The forward, neutral, and reverse button is near the ignition; toggle between the three to desired need.

Q. How do you park the vehicle?

A. There is a parking assist camera on the screen. With  green, yellow, and red guidelines to help when reverse parking. 

For the Marina- CAUTION; the storage basket extends further than the back bumper or camera. After parking the vehicle, set the parking brake by pulling on the lever until it can't stretch further. Turn the wheel towards the sidewalk when parking downhill and towards the street when pa

rking uphill. CAUTION: without setting the parking brake the vehicle will roll. It will become a dangerous situation and people can be hurt. Take this seriously.

Q. Is it safe to leave the vehicle unattended?

A. When leaving the vehicle, please roll up the windows, take the keys out of the ignition, pull the hand parking brake, place it in neutral, and lock the doors.

Q. Where can I park the vehicle?

A. Only park in designated vehicle spots. Obey all parking laws like an ordinary car. The renter is responsible for parking violations.

Q. What happens if I get into an accident?

A. After an accident, call the police or exchange personal info and vehicle registration with the person. Call Driver's team immediately. Driver's team will be able to assist in the recovery of the vehicle. Renter’s insurance is responsible for any damage caused to our vehicles, property damage, or other vehicles' damage(s) and persons.

Q. What happens if I receive a parking violation or road violation?

A. The renter is responsible for all violations and is expected to pay all fines.

Q. How do I get in contact with a team member from Driver?

A. please get in touch with us at info@driver.rentals with all questions. If the vehicle is not operating correctly or you have a safety concern, pull over and contact us at 562-204-6051 (text or call).

Q. Do you have a shop? Where do I pick up and drop off my vehicle?

A. Driver doesn't have a traditional brick-and-mortar shop. However, we will deliver and pick up your vehicle at the address provided with-in the areas of Downtown Long Beach and Seal Beach, for free. We don’t often deliver North of  7th street. If needed please inquire for special drop offs.

Q. I have an event I want to rent a cart for outside your delivery zone. How can we work together?

A. We do deliver outside of Long Beach for rentals and shuttle events. Please call to discuss delivery options.

Q. I want to rent a cart to shuttle people around, make food deliveries either for free and or possible to make some extra scratch, is that ok?

A. No, in our terms that you sign upon rental, you agree that you won’t use our vehicles for shuttles, food deliveries, taxi pick-ups, etc. This includes delivery or shuttling for free or charging customers.